Install A Sliding Closet Door Lock

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Bottom Sliding Closet Door Lock

To install a sliding closet door lock with two loops, simply place the device loops over each cabinet steering wheel. Tighten the plastic loops over the twist by pushing the lock upwards. If sliding locker lock is a continuous loop, place it over both the cupboard knobs and move the lock to the ridge to tighten it. Once you have made the lock as hard as possible, try opening the cabinet. If you can only open it half an inch or so, the childproofing device is properly installed.

Second, to open a sliding closet door lock with two loops, press the center of the lock while pushing the lock at the bottom of the body of the lock, in the center. Pull the body apart: it will split in the middle, allowing you to open the cabinet while leaving the loops on the steering wheel. To open a loop cabinet lock, press the buttons on both sides of the lock and slide it away from the twist.

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To remove a left two-loop lock completely, pull up the latch on the right side of the lock body, close to the top. Slide the body of the lock down the plastic strap, which will widen the loop and let you take the loop of the steering wheel. To remove a right two-loop lock, repeat this step. But pull the lock on the left side of the locked body instead. To remove a loop lock, simply open it, as described in Step 2, and lift away the anger. Certainly, it’s a simple ways to install sliding closet door lock.

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