Inset Cabinet Door Hinges Ideas

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Unusual Inset Cabinet Door Hinges

Inset cabinet door hinges – Cabinet alignment is an important factor in good care and maintenance of kitchen shutters. Incorrect alignment is usually due to hinge cabinet door is loose or needs adjustments. Adjusting hinges, if necessary, on your kitchen hatches can easily be done to maintain their longevity and preserve your investment. A door hinge that has detached can cause the door to pull in the bottom, causing damage to the door. When you adjust, you will probably need a partner to help prevent the glass door from falling to the ground when unloading the door.

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Check cabinet alignment. Even properly installed inset cabinet door hinges can sometimes be out of alignment over time and may need to be moved. Place a level on the side and bottom of the cabinet to check flatness.

Check if the doors are tilted over the same line when closed. If not, inset cabinet door hinges need to be adjusted.  When the doors appear to be in line, tighten the screw firmly. Repeat the process as needed. Adjust the hinges or add distances (if applicable for your cabinet type) if there is a gap of more than 1/8 inch between the two cabinet doors. Tighten the screw off the hinge when sufficient clearance between the doors is set.

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