Innovative King Size Tempurpedic Mattress

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Beautiful King Size Tempurpedic Mattress

Mattresses and Pillows are an innovation in relaxation technology. They have completely changed the old idea that the mattress should be firm or even hard. Currently all experts agree that mattresses should be adapted to the body and not the other way around. King size tempurpedic mattressis designed for different sizes. Its anatomical design provides the correct position of your head and neck for relief of pressure. Its outer cover is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust, mites and spores.

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King size tempurpedic mattress and pillows mold to your body, distributing the weight avoiding pressure. The result, a good night’s sleep for an excellent day. Sleep studies carried out in different centers in Europe and the United States show that a tempur mattress really offers a real pressure relief and allows an adequate posture of the spine. Tempur is recommended by more than 25,000 chiropractic physicians, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

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In 1996, the United States Space Foundation granted tempur- pedic the license to use the “Official Technology” seal on the packaging of the products and on the king size tempurpedic mattress commercialized materials. This seal can only be used by products and services that have the certificate that they have been created in US space centers or that are used in space flights.

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