Incredible Space With Quatrefoil Mirror

Author: Rosemary J. Johnson | Categories: Mirror comments
Ideas Quatrefoil Mirror

The quatrefoil mirror can also be excellent decorative elements, and you can cover your walls with elements of different sizes, and frames to give dynamism. If you look at the design this mirror would go almost unnoticed, but when you stand in front of it you will realize that you have a perfect half-length mirror that will help you look impeccable at all times. The mirrors can also help you to broaden your bedroom, and to have a better result try to make them flat, without borders and that extend from one side of your room to the other.

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If you have a small bedroom, and you want to include a closet but you do not want the space to be too small, then place quatrefoil mirror on the doors of the closet. So you can blur the boundaries of the room, and you’ll have a super mirror to fix yourself in the morning. We recommend choosing frames of ample sizes, but with discrete frames to not fill the space of objects, and to make the environment stay clean, and the image more stylized.

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A strip of mirrors will make your bedroom look more elegant, sophisticated, and may even have a futuristic look if you combine it with metallic materials. Or you can give it a warm appearance using wood, as in this example. You can also use quatrefoil mirror as decoration material, whether you choose a design of letters like the one in this image, or you decide to add them in the frames of the photos, in the borders, or in other accessories such as lamps.

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