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Baby Wooden Rocking Chairs

Wooden rocking chairs – Rocking chairs originated in North America. The first signs appeared in the eighteenth century when they were used in gardens. The best rocking chairs are used as furniture both inside the house and outside.  First, we mark and cut both the seat and the backrest, using the jigsaw and a wood blade. Next, we make the holes for the eye bolts, with the drill provided with a drill for wood of the same diameter as the fasteners.

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Review the wooden rocking chairssurface with a delta shaped sander, which will allow us to comfortably reach the areas of difficult access, and a sheet of coarse-grained sandpaper. Once we have removed the dust produced, we join the backrest to the seat with some screws and we calculate the measure of the reinforcements. We draw the cutting lines and carry out the cuts, with the help of the jigsaw. It is convenient to hold the pieces to the table with jaws.

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Present the pieces in the wooden rocking chairs and fasten them with lag screws. As the structure is going to be out in the open, we recommend that they be stainless, so they do not rust with moisture. Come now with the finish. Pour acrylic enamel into the gun’s reservoir and add the amount of water that the manufacturer tells us.

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