Ideas To Make Felt Ball Rug

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Rainbow Felt Ball Rug

Simple felt ball rug can be prepared in a very short time, does not have any difficulty and you can even tell your kids to give you a hand. You do not need to sew or use complex techniques. The only tool that you will need is a humble scissors. You can use this carpet for the hall, the bathroom, the room or wherever you like. Or for everyone because it is so easy that you will surely do more than one.

Making oneself a carpet of felt balls is not too complicated, although, yes, it requires a great deal of patience and work. The laborious process is to make felt ball rug. A few days ago we explained how to decorate the Christmas tree with felt acorns. There are the procedures to make the balls. If, after knowing this, you are still determined to carry out the project, arm yourself with patience and start making balls like crazy. Only when you have enough balls, you will have to undertake the second step of the work: unite them to compose the carpet.

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You will need wool of the colors that you like the most, soap to wash dishes, needle and thick thread. Once you have all the balls depending on the desired size for the felt ball rug, it is time to join them together. The best way to do it is to cross them with a needle and strong thread, and then go arranging them in the desired way. Finally, and to avoid falls, it is advisable that you put some non-slip material on the back.

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