Ideas To Install Corner Shower Curtain Rod

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Awesome Corner Shower Curtain Rod

Corner shower curtain rod – A set of corner windows offers a panoramic view of nature. Using specialized suspension hardware, dressing corner windows is simple. Corner curtain mounting systems are two extendable bars, two brackets to the end ends of the support bars and a bracket that holds the ends of the rods where they meet in the corner. While light window treatments can be suspended by installing mounting brackets using expansion plugs, hardware for heavier curtains requires safer installation.

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Corner shower curtain rod mounting systems typically include all the necessary hardware. Marks a wall near the corner, at the desired suspension height of the bar. Measure and record the distance from the top edge of the case or frame of the window. Transfer of that measure to the upper outer corners of the windows. Mark the adjacent walls to indicate hardware installation positions. The positions must be at the same height as the corner mark and the same distances from the sides of the windows.

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Place the corner mounting bracket on the wall, aligned with the reference mark. The pin that supports the corner shower curtain rod should be pointing upwards. Pass the tip of a pencil through each screw hole to mark the wall. Remove the support. Drill pilot holes through each mark. Replace the bracket, align the screw holes and secure the bracket to the wall with a screwdriver and screws.

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