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Amazing Small Shower Curtain

Small shower curtain – This time we return to focus on the bathroom decoration and we focus more specifically on one of its key elements the shower curtain. Decorating it can be a simple and fun way to give a unique style to your bathroom. Here we present a series of original ideas to decorate it. One of the options is to use templates to create the look you want. You can buy any design that matches the decoration. Use acrylic paints or cloth paints to paint the shower curtain. Use a sponge or brush to apply it.

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Choose accessories such as decorative ribbons (polyester, satin, organza), buttons, coins, fringes, fancy jewelry, condoms, pearls, glitter. Sew your design on the curtain or use hot glue to do it in a faster way. Select different patches that adhere to heat. You can also create your own patch by printing an image that you like on transfer paper. Iron to move it to your small shower curtain. Undoubtedly, an excellent way to bring all the creativity and originality to our bathroom.

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Finally, we leave you another option, dye your small shower curtain. You can use a spray paint for fabric. As you can see, it is only a matter of deciding what aspect we want to give our bathroom and then put to work. The possibilities are immense so start your imagination.

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