Ideas For Small Apartment Decor

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Comfortable Small Apartment Decor

Small apartment decor – First apartment decor or first dorm room decor need not be limited to beer posters and stackable storage boxes. With some imagination and some planning, you can put together a place you’re proud of without going over your embellishment budget.

Evaluate space

Take a look around your small apartment decor, and make a list of its aesthetics and disadvantages. Does it have big windows, but low ceilings? Large wooden floors but a hard square feel? While stressing positive qualities takes little or no effort, counteracting unwanted elements is a bit harder. With the single room’s living room, you have two options. You can either keep the room as spacious and open as possible, or you can divide it into business areas using screens and / or large pieces of furniture that seem “section of” an area from the next.

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Depending on the size of your small apartment decor, the interior you choose and your lifestyle, you can decide which option is best for you. Either way, make sure it’s easy. Limit your color palette, and avoid clutter and excess furniture. Consider getting a two-in-one piece like a sofa bed or a futon to save space. Light up dark rooms with bright walls, clean curtains and lots of plants. Mirrors also help by reflecting light and limiting the appearance of shadows. Put on blinds instead of shades on your windows, and select minimal lampshades with a transparent effect. If the place is small, go with faded, cool colors and fill the space with as little furniture as possible.

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