Ideas For Shaker Cabinet Pulls

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Shaker Drawer Knobs

Shaker cabinet pulls – Have you ever wondered how the professional installation cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls quickly and easily, and then this article is for you. Following this instruction will install your hardware quickly, consistently and accurately. Purchase of knobs, check thick drawer for length of the screw is needed, a good rule would be the thickness of the drawer.

Affix a piece of putty tack thumb knob for testing locations. Lay out a pair of knobs on the doors to help determine the best mounting position in the shaker cabinet pulls.  Measure the distance from the knob and the bottom side of the door and write this to help locate all knobs correctly on the road.

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With a location and perforation of the template or place a small piece of adhesive tape in the approximate position where the knob will be installed. Measure the distance from the side and bottom of the door and mark the location for the hole.  With a punch tap lightly with a hammer to drill the hole.  Drill hole through the door, making sure to keep the drill perpendicular to the cabinet.  Insert the screw into the hole and place the shaker cabinet pulls.

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