Ideas For Install Keyed Pocket Door Lock

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Keyed Pocket Door Lock Ideas

Keyed pocket door lock – Doors make large space discounts as they open inside the wall. This allows furniture to be placed next to the door on both sides of the wall. By installing a pocket door lock, these doors can provide privacy in bathrooms and other areas with limited wall and space

Ideas for install keyed pocket door lock mark the door for the cut. Use the template provided as a guide. Measure the distance from the floor to the center of the locks and use this to place the template. The template instead of tape and the score of the door through the template with a knife. Cut the door. And then use a jigsaw or parquetry saw and cut along the knife lines. Once the cut is complete, there should be a rectangular notch on the side of the door.

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Install the keyed pocket door lock. The locks are designed so that the casings of the lock sit in the notch created and the edges of the lock are a flange that sits on the face of the door. Slide the latch into place, making sure the edges of the perimeter of the lock slip over the door. And then use the screws provided for the lock to the door. Mark the jamb of the closing plate door. With the lock installed, close the pocket door almost completely. Turn the lever on the body side of the lock to activate the locking lever and mark where it comes into contact with the door jamb. Place the closure plate so that the hole is centered on the mark. Use the knife to trace the contour of the closure plate over the door jamb.

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