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Cute Closet Door Alternatives

Closet door alternatives – Decorating closet door is a great solution to modernize your built-in wardrobe and integrate it into the decoration of the room. Step by step to decorate wardrobe door. Once the doors have been removed, we protect the metal finials and handles with bodybuilder’s tape. Review the surface that we are going to decorate with the sander and a medium grain sanding sheet, to improve the adherence.

Closet door alternatives, you can remove the dust that could have been produced with a cloth moistened with alcohol. To prepare the surface, you can apply a sealing primer on the outside of the doors and let the product dry. You will not forget to put on some latex gloves. Next, you can give two hands of extra-matte plastic paint of the same color as that of the wall. With this product of great coverage and adherence, without odor, washable and fast drying, we will protect and decorate the doors of your wardrobe.

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When the paint has dried you remove the protective paper from the decorative motifs and present them to the closet door alternatives, which you have already put back in the cabinet. You have opted for a white model to match the room’s quarter panels. Verify that the disposition is the desired one and you press so that the reasons are well adhered.

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