Ideal Standard Height For Passage Door Knob

Author: Rosemary J. Johnson | Categories: Door Knob comments
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If you have to put the passage door knob on your door but you do not know very well where to start and not even determine the height you should have, do not worry. In this article we try to give you the advice you may require at a certain time. You can check with your trusted locksmith if you have any doubts. In this case, then, if you think you need advice regarding how to place this piece of the door that is as important as the lock itself.

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Because if you have the hole but not the passage door knob can be the perfect way of entry for tools of the thieves, we offer it to you. Well, first of all say that the exact place to place the knob is almost rather aesthetic, although it is true that there is something to be said about coherence, since it can have an adverse effect on the knob and the lock if it is not determined with precision.

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The standard height for passage door knob on a typical home door is 80 inches in height from a distance of 36 inches. The most likely explanation is that, when we started producing doors at an industrial level, the center of most of the middle rails on the paneled door was 36 inches from the bottom of the door.

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