How To Renew Oak Cabinets With Cherry Style

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Pickled Oak Cabinets

Oak Cabinets – Cherry wood cabinets can be very expensive. If you have standard oak cabinets but want to imitate the dark, reddish appearance of cherry wood, you can apply a new finish to your cabinets. For this purpose, you will need to carefully choose the right shade of cherry color and condition a workplace. You must bear in mind that when painting the cabinets again, you will only make them look darker, not lighter.

In addition, you need to prepare the cabinets properly and paint them carefully to create a top quality finish. Follow the steps below to make your oak cabinets look like cherry wood. Condition a workplace in your home. Remove all objects from the oak cabinets and place them away from the work area. Because most cabinets are secured directly to the walls, you need to do the work inside the house with adequate ventilation.

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Apply the dye to the cabinets with 3 cm (1″) strokes, apply a light coat and lightly touch the surface, paint the surrounding areas so that the paint mixes as you do it, paint all the surfaces of the oak cabinets. If you want to achieve a more uniform appearance, you can use the same dye to paint the other wooden furniture in the room that matches with the cabinets, let the dye dry for 24 hours, check the appearance of the cabinets to decide if you want to add another layer, if you do, the cherry-colored tint will have a darker appearance.

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