How To Paint Sequin Tablecloth

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Awesome Sequin Tablecloth

Sequin tablecloth – Dukes are fun accessories that can add taste to your table decor. Because they are particularly attractive, hand-painted tablecloths are much desired by many decorators. Although these custom-made tablecloths can sometimes be found for sale by craft craftsmen, they often come with an inflated price tag. Paint your own cloth is a cheap and fun craft and you can create it to match your home decor. Your painted canvas can be one of your favorite memory pieces, and possibly a valuable genealogy.


Place your canvas on the floor, the right side up, and flatten any wrinkles in the fabric. Place the stencil on the fabric, along the lower edge, and tape the corners of the fabric. This will be the beginning of the cloth is the painted boundary. Pour a small amount of sequin tablecloth on a plate as a paper. Dip a small sponge into the paint. Dab the sponge on a paper towel to remove excess paint.

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Press the sponge over the openings in the stencil, using a light touch. Dip the sequin tablecloth back to the color if necessary. Continue pressing the sponge on the fabric until you have reached the desired level of coverage. Move the stencil directly next to the stencil area in step 4, carefully gently along the border of the screen. Tie the corners in place. Repeat steps two and three to complete this new stencil area. Repeat steps two to four until you have created a stencil border around the entire outer edge of the screen.

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