How To Measure The Bedroom Curtains

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Amazing Bedroom Curtains Ideas

To get your bedroom curtains look right when hung, it is crucial to get the correct measurements for them. If you do not have an existing curtain rod, these measurements also help you find the right place to install the brackets to the bar. It’s useful to have a friend help keep your tape measure, especially if the windows are wide. In this way, the tape measure is kept stable, so you can get the precise measurements you need.

How to measure the bedroom curtains; decide what type of curtains you want for your window. If you have window shades, it’s best to have the curtains stop just above the frame. If you have radiators that are under the window, curtains have to stop just above the radiator as it is not safe to have long curtains over them. For picture or car buttons or windows without frames, floor-length curtains typically work best.

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Then to measure to the bedroom curtains, measure the width of the window. Remember to add space for the fittings to the curtain rod. It is a good idea to have curtains stretch at least 1 inch on each side of the window to hold unwanted light. Keep measuring tape steady and extend it to the correct point on the other side. Type this measurement and mark it as “width.” If you measure more than one window and they are of different sizes, make sure to mark down on your plate as the window you are measuring. Measure the length of the window.

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