How To Make Crib Mattress Cover

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Addition Crib Mattress Cover

Crib Mattress Cover – Make a cover for a baby bed mattress of material that you already have in your home. A traditional mattress cover is not a good idea because of the risk of sudden infant death, but you can do a less cover type that will catch any diaper leakage. Even better, it covers more allergy-causing than plastic shields on the market, ensuring both safety and health for your little one


Measure the dimensions of your child’s mattress. Knit or work a felt that is about half the size of this mattress. Place your blanket in the washing machine when it’s done and wash it in hot water with a cold rinse. This will shrink wool so the stitches are smaller and harder. Put the blanket over the mattress when the stitches are small enough. If this is too difficult, use wool felt large enough to use for a Crib Mattress Cover.Be sure it is 100 percent wool and not chemically treated. Repeat the same washing and shrinkage process. Test cover for a couple of nights and check that there is no leak or damage to the mattress.

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Tips and warnings

Do not use chemically treated wool, as this will not allow you to shrink the blanket to size and can cause harmful irritation to the skin of the child. Wash the wool regularly to avoid bacteria and bacteria, which can cause allergies. Find a yarn that is ivory, or any other neutral color that will not show lightly through your laths or decor. Skipping steps, such as measurement or shrinkage, can lead to a random end result. Make your Crib Mattress Cover when you have time to do it.

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