How To Make Cool Room Decor

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Amazing Cool Room Decor

Cool room decor screens can create a dramatic effect in a room besides giving privacy or concealing. They can be easily mounted and personalized to reflect your style or interior design. The project can be done by anyone with a little woodworking skill and only takes a couple of hours. When you see what you can create, you’ll be surprised and more than happy to show off your creation.


Cut 2- of -2-inch boards to 6-foot lengths. You need eight for four panels. You can create as many panels as you like. Each panel will be 24 inches above, so four panels will create an 8-foot cool room decor. Cut eight sections of 2-by -2-inch discs 20 inches long. Cut eight thieves 22 inches long and sand ends down with some rough sandpaper. Make sure you drill in exactly the same spot on every 2 of -2 so plugs become straight. Drill the holes. Paint or bet and seal all your plays. It becomes easier to move in pairs or places than trying to paint or bite them when assembled. Allow them to dry properly.

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Place the trunk on one end of the plug and cool room decor it in the hole. Repeat with the other tray. Put glue on the other end of the thumbs and press the other post. Wood on two short pieces of 2 by 2s at the top and bottom. Screw on from the outside of the post. Repeat for each panel. Place plugs and stick self-adhesive Velcro at the ends and where it meets the other side of the plinth. Place the hinges 1 foot from the top and bottom and hang the panels together.

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