How To Kill Mold On Modern Outdoor Rugs

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Wonderful Modern Outdoor Rugs

Modern outdoor rugs – Mold is a common problem both inside and outside your home. Outdoor carpets are constantly bombarded with high humidity. Where there is moisture, it is the perfect soil for mold. Mold that is left to grow on outdoor rugs will eat away on fibers and slowly deteriorate the carpet. Not only will mold damage your outdoor carpet repair, but it can also cause ugly stains and spreading to other areas via spores. Fortunately, you can remove mold and restore the appearance of your outdoor rug.

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Rinse the mat with a water hose outdoors on a hot and sunny day to remove the surface mold. Alternatively, place the modern outdoor rugs in your bathtub and rinse the surface mold away under running water. Mix 1 liter of warm water, 1/4 cup of liquid detergent and 2 cups of white vinegar in a 5 liter bucket. Use a wooden spoon to mix the contents together. Lay a plastic tarpaulin outside in a sunny position. Place the carpet on top of the tarp.

Measure a shed brush in the mixture. Scrub the carpet with the blend in the direction of the National Action Plan. Rinse mixture of the carpet with a water hose. Turn over the modern outdoor rugs and scrub the back in the same way as before. Rinse the mixture of the carpet with a water hose. Allow the mat to dry for direct sunlight. When a page is dried, turn the mat over and allow the other side to dry. Alternatively, hang the mat off a thick line to dry.

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