How To Extend Double Traverse Curtain Rod

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Antique Double Traverse Curtain Rod

Double Traverse Curtain Rod – Resellers sell curtain bars in standard lengths. However, some customers have windows that are wider than the widest available curtain rod. Manufacturers can make curtain sticks on demand, but this is often expensive and delivery time may be longer than desired. Fortunately, it is possible to increase the width of the bar with cheap deliveries.


Keep Double Traverse Curtain Rod in your hands and extend it to its full width. Outlaw barriers have a bar inside a stick of a slightly larger dimension. In the middle of the bar should be in front of you. Pull both parts of the curtain rod apart. Place one end of curtain rod extender at the open end of one half of curtain rod. Press about 2-inches of curtain rod extenders in curtain rod. This is to prevent curtain from sagging later. Place the other end of curtain rod extender in the open end of the other half of the curtain rod. Slide the curtain on the curtain rod and hang it up.

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Make a curtain rod Extender

Consider making your own Double Traverse Curtain Rod if the final length of curtain rod is still not long enough. Measure the width of the windows. Add about 10 inches to the measurement because curtain sticks should extend past each side of the window for a balanced look. Subtract the original length of curtain rod from the width of the window and add four inches to this number. For example, subtract a curtain rod length of 48 inches from a window width of 56 inches to get 8 inches.

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