How To Decorate Venetian Mirror

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Mantle Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror are an inexpensive way to add reflective light to a dark corner, or to update the decor in all rooms. Available in a variety of sizes, frame-shaped mirrors can be attached to a wall with Velcro, and easily customize with your own personal style.


Apply etching Venetian mirror. Create a geometric pattern using masking tape, or simply paint freehand images or motifs using etching cream for glass mirrors. Paint the cream where you want etching to happen, allow it to dry for about five minutes. Rinse etching cream to reveal the design. Glue found objects on creating a faux frame. Use flowers from the side of the flowers to create a garden over your bathroom sink, or glue on old buttons, seashells or driftwood for a romantic look in a cabin bedroom. Dot a small amount of hot glue on the back of each item and push it into place.

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Paint your frame-free Venetian mirror with color made for glass. Paint a freehand design or use a stencil. You can create everything from a lovely grapevine design for the kitchen to a comic superhero for a children’s room. Color can easily be scratched away by the mirror with a razor blade. Create a mosaic edge. Use soft, broken tiles to create a freely formulated mosaic around the mirror. Apply hot glue on the back of the plate and press the mirror. Draw a shape of mosaic and have fun gluing down different colors and shapes of tiles. No joint is required.

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