How To Decorate Custom Medicine Cabinets

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Vintage Medicine Cabinet

Custom medicine cabinets – The bathrooms are often neglected in terms of style, but with their small hands, they can be transformed from ordinary to distinctive. Start by turning your medical cabinet in an eye-catching display.


Use small vinyl wall graphics to decorate the mirror of a medical cupboard in a child’s bathroom. These graphics easily loosen if needed. Create a custom image frame in the exact size of the door of the custom medicine cabinets. Place a photo or painting in the frame and fit the cabinet door as a decorative disguise.

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Etch pattern with a wood burning stove in the sides of a medical cupboard protruding from the wall. Custom medicine cabinets use acrylic paint to design a frame around the mirror or door. Glue a border of objects such as small stones, craft pearls or shells around the edge of the outside of the medicine cabinet. You can also do this around the mirror or door. Spray wood paint on the outside of wooden cabinet as per the instructions on the packaging. Let stand for one to two minutes, and then, with a clean dish rag, rub polish to the cupboards. Apply wood polish after cleaning your wood cabinet will bump away future dirt, grease and spill.

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Tips and warnings

Always wear protective goggles and rubber gloves when using a cleaning product to prevent skin irritation or eye damage.

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