How To Clean Vintage Wall Clocks Faces

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Antique Vintage Wall Clocks

Vintage wall clocks can add an attractive eye appeal to a room, while being functional, as you can easily talk about time without wearing a bell. Wall walls can be fragile and should be handled with care when cleaning them. Too much agitation or pressure can cause the clock to fall off the wall, which requires expensive repair or, in some cases, replacement altogether. Fortunately, the wall bells can be easily cleaned and requires nothing more than a dustbin, cloth, and household spray

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You need:

-dustbin. – Glass cleaner. -Microfiber cleaning cloth.

Wipe the face of the vintage wall clocks easily with a dustbin. In most cases, this will be all that is required to keep the face wall clock looking clean and dust free. Spray a light mist of glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth (stroke used to clean glasses and sunglasses). Gently wipe the damp cloth over the face of the wall bell, make sure not to move the ball out of its wall position. Continue as needed until the clock is clean; let the wall clock air dry.

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Tips and warnings

If the vintage wall clocks are placed higher on the wall than you can easily reach, remove the clock before cleaning or use a step pallet at a height that allows you to clean the dial conveniently. Follow the same procedure as with a clock at eye level Caution if you use a step pallet. You should not have to stretch.

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