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Picture frame ideas – Gilt table frames, available in different sizes and styles, contain a decorative border and ridges that capture dust, dirt and debris. The frames require regular cleaning to keep the frame’s gold from changing colors and dirt accumulate in the ridges. When you clean your frame of gilded image, you want to use a chemical that will not damage the surface treatment or penetrate the frames’ support. Like other frames, you must clean your gilded image frame glass and remove fingerprints and dirt from the surface.

You need:

Place the picture frame ideas on a flat surface desk, table, workbench or other surface. Wipe the frame with a cloth that does not repair or wipe to remove loose dust and dirt from the surface of the frame. Use latex gloves to keep your hands clean. Spray 1 tbsp. of window sills on a paper towel. Wipe the glass of glass with window-wiped household paper. Apply 1 tbsp. of turpentine to a sponge. The sponge should be moist and not enjoy with turpentine. Wipe the gold frame gently with the turpentine-wet sponge including the sides of the frame and the back. Allow the frame to dry — do not wipe the frame dry, as this may stain the color of the frame. Use a small brush and gold paint to touch any bleached paint on your gilded picture frame.

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Tips and warnings

You can also use a mixture of three egg whites and 1 oz. baking soda to clean your picture frame ideas. Apply the mixture with a sponge and wipe off dirt and grease with household paper. Allow the picture frames to air dry then use a small brush and gold color to stir up some pale paint.

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