How To Choose Bathroom Curtains

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Amazing Bathroom Curtains

The bathroom curtains are a fundamental element to place in the windows of the bathrooms. The curtains allow us to preserve our privacy, regulate the light that enters and make the bathroom a more welcoming stay. The readymade curtains usually come with a long standard and the bathroom windows are usually not very large, so we will choose the one that best goes with the decoration of our bathroom and we will adapt the length. The curtain rod can be oxidized by steam, so we can protect it with a special varnish for moisture.

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If you have a swing window, and it is not very large, you can place a tendin. This is a curtain or small bathroom curtains that are placed inside the frame of the window with a holder. The venetians are very practical because we can regulate visibility, closing them completely when we are in the shower. PVC ones, because they are resistant to humidity. There are also different materials for Venetian blinds, if we decide on metallic ones, we will dry them if they have been dampened by steam, and on the contrary, wood ones are not advisable for bathing, since over time they will crack due to humidity.

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Blinds with screen fabric are also valid outside the shower, the light will pass and we will see the exterior perfectly but they will not see us from the outside. Foldable and roll up cloth blinds. We can choose this type of blinds, there are a variety of fabrics and designs that can be adapted to the style of our bathroom curtains, and they are also easy to clean.

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