How To Change Keyed Pocket Door Lock

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Keyed pocket door lock – The owner of a living device should know the laws that apply before changing your door lock. Different countries have different rules and regulations as to who can change a door lock and when. Those who own their own property have the right to change their door locks when they feel it. Landlords may also change their locks, but may be required to obtain permission from the property owner in advance. Door locks are designed to prevent illegal lockout.


Tenants who evicted from a rental unit cannot be locked during the eviction process. All states have laws prohibiting landlords from changing a keyed pocket door lock without her permission, even during an eviction. For example, according to the guidelines of the California Civil Procedure, landlords must provide a tenant with a written notice before eviction and any lockout may occur. Only a court can decide whether the tenant can legally wreck. All landlords who change a tenant lock as a way to force her will be fined. Fines vary from country to country.

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Damaged locks

Tenants have the right to get their broken and / or damaged keyed pocket door lock changed by their landlord free of charge under certain circumstances. In Texas, for example, a landlord must change a lock if it is damaged by normal wear and tear. If the tenant, or a guest of the tenant, harms lock by negligent use, the landlord may require them to change it at their own expense if such a clause is written in the lease.

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