How To Change Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors

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Diy Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors

Frosted glass cabinet doors – Accidents happen, especially if you have children, and one day the glass in the cabinet door can be an accident. Whether it’s broken, cracked or scratched, replacing it is usually a question of tiling a few window kits or loosening some pieces of wood trim. In both cases, the door is easier to work on if you take it down and lay it flat. Be sure to wear protective gloves and glasses to protect against glass splits if your tools are to slip or something else goes wrong.

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Screw the hinges that hold the frosted glass cabinet doors with a star screwdriver and take the door down. Put an old blanket on a flat surface, such as a workbench or table, and put the door on the blanket. Work the kit around the edge of the glass pan you want to replace with a flap if the window is glazed, slide the blade between the glass and the putty and force the kit upward.

Tie of wood trim holds the frosted glass cabinet doors with a groove screwdriver if the box is not glazed. Put on leather gloves and pull out broken pieces of glass one by one. Or turn the door over and let the glass fall on the blanket. Release all pieces of glass or the entire box if it is still in one piece, in a paper box and fold the bag closed. Carefully dust around the blanket and around the opening to remove small glass shards.

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