Homemade Wrought Iron Wall Decor

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Wonderful Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Wrought iron wall decor – By creating and placing home-made wall decor items, you can transform your unsightly walls into stunning works of art. No matter how much artistic skill you have, you can effectively create a wall decor item that will add a touch of style to your space. Before you visit your home decor shop to pick up new additions for your walls, put your creativity to the test and craft your own wall jewelry creations.

Textural Canvas collections

Add some excitement to your wrought iron wall decor space by creating a texture cloth collection. To craft this decor patch, buy nine square fabrics in one size you choose along with two shades of color that get together well with your current interior. Use the two color shades; paint a different texture design on each fabric. For example, you can paint thick vertical stripes on a canvas and horizontal zigzag on another.

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Once your texture creations have dried put them on the floor in a 3×3 square. Move your tablecloths around; replace them until you have arranged them in a way that appeals to you. With a tape measure and level, gently place nails on your wrought iron wall decor. Add a feminine touch to your walls by creating a floral basket collection piece. To produce this piece, collects an assortment of petite baskets. Paint the baskets so that they are all the same color, or create an eclectic display with an assortment of natural basket shades.

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