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Rustic Home Decorators Vanity

Home decorators vanity is available in many shapes and sizes. Some have sinks in them and some do not. To change the height or depth of your bathroom vanity, extend the height of the end panels and the width of the shelf.


Build the cabinet

Place two pieces of plywood measuring 29¼ inches home decorators vanity on a work table. Measure for one end and make a mark of 4 inches. Place the corner hook on the brand and draw a line over 20 “width plywood. Measure from one of the long sides of plywood and make a mark on the line drawn in step 1 of 4 inches. Place the angle hook on this brand and draw a line to the bottom of the end panel. Cutting the square with jigsaw. Apply glue behind cutouts and pull under line in Step 1 and secure 16-by-4-inch plywood to the ends with the 3d box nails. These are called knots and support the bottom shelf.

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Apply glue on the top edge of the studs and place plywood that is 28½ inches long on top of the studs. This is the bottom shelf. Attach the bottom shelf through the end of the panels in which the 4D finish is nailed. Apply glue on the short edges of 28½-of-4-inch plywood and secure it between the end of the panels on the top and the back of the bathroom vanity. This is called a nail band. Turn the home decorators vanity over so the nail strip is facing upwards. Apply glue to the edges of the two end panels, the bottom shelf and the nail strip. Place 30-by-25¼-by-inch plywood on the back of vanity and attach it with the 3d box nails.

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