High End Bathroom Vanities Organization

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Modern Bathroom Vanities High End

If you have a small bathroom or share a bathroom, organization is a must. High end bathroom vanities might be home cosmetics, curling irons, hairdryers, towels and toilet paper. An organized bathroom vanity can make your bathroom look cleaner while saving your time on your morning routine. Arranged on the vanity to store less used or additional items elsewhere. You can place extra toilet paper in a basket at the back of the toilet for easy access.

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Install a wall mount toothbrush holder to free up space on your high end bathroom vanities. There are versions of this organizer that come with a suction cup that you can place on tile or use in an apartment because it can be removed. A hotel supplier will be able to provide you with a hair dryer that mounts on the wall, freeing up more space in the vanity.

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Hiding items in full view gives you extra space on top of your high end bathroom vanities. Install floating boards where you can put your favorite bath time children’s toys such as rubber ducks. Place perfume bottles on a silver tray for a functional decorative accessory. Boulders of soap or cotton balls stack in apothecary jars for a spa bathroom.


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