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Shower Door Handles – Hardware, including hinges, closures and handles for glass frameless shower doors are install using a carbide drill to bore holes through the glass. Replacement handles for frameless shower doors are typically installed by aligning the inner and outer handles with the installation holes, then passing several screws or an internal handle screw, through the glass, into the base of the outer handle. The positions of the screw holes in the replacement handles should be identical to those in the original handle.

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Fortunately, replacement handles with a space between standard holes are available in more improvements and plumbing supply stores. Inspect the shower door handles assembly to determine that the handle should be install on the outer surface of the door. The inner handle usually has one or two holes, while the outer handle has a smooth finish. Place the external handle on the outside of the shower door. Aligning your screw holes in the drilled holes in the glass door.

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Use a piece of tape, 8 to 10 inches long, to temporarily hold the outer handle in place. Place the inner handle on the inside of the shower door. Align your screw holes in the drilled holes in the glass door. Pass the tip of the screw, included in the shower door handles kit. Through the screw hole in the handle of the indoor shower. If the handle has several screws, install these in the same way.

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