Hang A Large Wooden Mirror

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Stylish Large Wooden Mirror

Large wooden mirror – Hanging heavy decorative objects, such as a wall mirror with a wooden frame, can be a challenge. The safest way to hang a wall mirror with a wooden frame is to locate the wall studs to support the weight of the mirror. A beam detector will locate the studs. If it is not practical to hang the wall mirror on the studs, hardware hanging image of high strength should be used in combination with the anchor bolts and sets.

Ideas for hang large wooden mirror, measure approximately 10 inches from the top and 1/4 inch from each side of the wooden frame for the placement of the hanging rings. Take these measurements in the back of the frame. Both rings must be the same distance from the top of the frame. Mark with a pencil. With drill the small guide holes for the screws if the weft is a very hard wood.

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Fix the hanging ring on the frame by screwing a screw through each hole in the small plate, with the ring facing the top of the mirror. A hanging ring is a metal pivoting ring attached to a small metal plate with two screw holes in it. Determine the location and height for the mirror. Measure carefully. Level the mirror. Mark the top of the rings hanging on the wall with a pencil. Lift the mirror and carefully loop each ring hanging over the corresponding screw on the wall. Make sure that the frame large wooden mirror is fully compatible with the mounting hardware.

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