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Camo Futon Mattress Covers

Futon mattress covers that are placed on the mat and used as a seat or bed are called futons. The Japanese futons have a thickness of 5 cm and consisting of a cover and a cotton or other artificial material. They are designed to be folded and stored during the day, allowing the tatami to be ventilated and the room used for other activities. Westerners do not like in general the idea of ​​giving several uses to the bedroom and we give the furniture of the bed a great importance.

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Therefore, a special type of low structures has been developed that fulfill the same function of thefuton mattress covers. They are so low that they convey the sensation of being sleeping directly on the ground and their aesthetic is of Japanese inspiration. In these beds, the tatamis are usually arranged on a wooden slatted base, thus favoring the ventilation of the futon and isolating it, on the other hand, from humidity, cold and heat.

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Unlike the Japanese, our futons are much thicker; resembling traditional futon mattress covers(approximately 12 cm in the beds and between 7-10 cm in the sofa bed). Traditional futons are made of cotton. Sheets of this material are used to obtain a firm surface that does not deform and adapt well to the body

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