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Bakery Design With Lamp

Bakery design – Those of you who are regulars will know that from time to time you like to take a tour around the world in search of the best places in  interior design, diving and exploring all corners of the globe to find the most attractive and novel spaces. It has a bakery, a pastry area, a wine section and a delicatessen. Its greatest attraction in terms of decoration lies in the serene and peaceful atmosphere that evokes the traditional craft bakeries, despite having a design of straight lines and simple volumes. The use of stone in all coatings and carefully studied lighting are responsible for this environment.

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The most striking aspect of the decoration of this bakery design is the marked separation of the two areas of the premises. On the one hand, a large marble counter on a wooden floor and a roof, also made of wood, with a design that is inspired by traditional Russian houses; a clear and warm space. In front of him, the cafeteria area, an elegant space with little recharge, only a few half-circumference tables that seem to come out of pairs, some stools and a lamp for each set, all wrapped in a black container.

Bakery design, for small establishments it is vital to be clear about what pair of things they want to promote. The main customer in a bakery is the housewife or the family: the child, the grandmother, the uncle. The bakery is an artisan work so it asks for a warm atmosphere. Betting on light colors or woods can be a good option. In short, in a local of sixty square meters breathe well showcases of bakery, some vertical freezer cabinet and a small bar. Also, it is possible to include some small neutral zones for salting or for confectionery.

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