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Personal tastes are also important when choosing the basis on which we want to rest and, despite medical recommendations, many people see a futon mattress ikea as too rigid . The low height of many of these so-called Japanese beds can also be an inconvenience for people with mobility problems. If they take good care of themselves, the tatamis are very durable elements. You have to avoid stepping on footwear and pouring liquids on them.

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They are easily cleaned by passing a vacuum cleaner or a broom in the direction of the weft of the mat. The stains are removed with a damp cloth with neutral soap. With the passage of time and exposure to sunlight, the surface that is not under the futon is losing the original greenish tone and yellowing. In order to prevent this ugly aesthetic effect, the futon mattress ikea can be changed periodically so that the hidden area will take on the same straw color.

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Traditional futon mattress ikea are made of 100% natural cotton, a material that is respectful to our skin, cool in summer and warm in winter. But one of the drawbacks of cotton is its ability to absorb moisture, which can happen in summer, when you sweat. To avoid this problem you can use a washable cover.

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