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Sleeping with a baby is not always easy. Many of us get the idea before having our first baby from his room, with his crib … Although today this has changed, and there are many more people who know that sleeping with the baby ( collecting ) is not a problem . So many families begin to consider as an option from the first moment the baby crib mattress. It is the most basic option. In many cases it is the easiest and cheapest. Put the baby in your bed, period.

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You can put thebaby crib mattress to sleep in the middle and it is rare that he will jump over anyone until he is quite big. Although they recommend better than the other parent wait a few days before sleeping next to the baby. In principle, until you become “aware” of the baby’s presence. An alternative option is to put the baby on the mother’s side.

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But obviously, for this it is necessary to be able to bring that side of the bed to the wall, or with a barrier. An interesting option in the first months is to have a Moses or mini-bed next to the bed. It would not be proper baby crib mattress, but in many cases it is a good complement to option.

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