Give A Retro Look With Reclaimed Bricks Wall

Author: Rosemary J. Johnson | Categories: Home Outdoor comments
Reclaimed Bricks Bedroom

The reclaimed bricks walls are presented as the ideal option, as they are full of texture and personality, no doubt with their presence the aesthetics of the environments will be special and will have a different strength to any other. Being representative of the industrial style, this tendency to leave bare the finishes of our house comes back with force to let us see the essence of the materials in the construction impregnated with personality and style the designs in which they are present.

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If you like brick but do not want your home to be very saturated with this magical and traditional material, one solution is to make a combination: a reclaimed bricks wall, and on the other hand a wall of a single color. In addition, this will provide depth to any space. When talking about a space with raw and natural materials, the perfect combination to give the details of decoration and finishes to the space includes, of course, the presence of wood.

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A reclaimed bricks wall can also be dynamic and cheerful playing with the contrast of the pieces that compose it. Placing some bricks in different colors will give you the distinctive touch, if you also reinforce this detail with the other elements of the decoration of the space such as furniture and lighting, you will also gain depth and temperature in the environment.


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