Front Door Overhang Protecting Porch

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Front Door Overhang Stone Structure

Front Door Overhang – A roof projection is an additional building that helps protect the windows and doors from the elements of the outside climate. Since they are use to block the heat rays of the sun that hits your home, overhangs can also help reduce cooling bills. Most overhangs require few changes from the original cover and can be add to existing reinforcements. The creation of your own projection must be done with care and caution to ensure that it will last a lifetime.

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Select a design for the front door overhang. While cantilevers can be build to either end, most only extend out around two or three feet. Determine how many feet are need to build your cantilever project. Count the number of lattice boards on the roof and multiply this by the length of the cantilever. Adding one foot to the total to calculate the total length you will need. Fix metal beams for existing trusses using 2-inch galvanized nails.

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These beams will hold the new plates in place for the extension of the front door overhang. Remove the end of the roof molding, if necessary, to locate the existing frames. This can doing with a lever. Measure and cut each board to its proper length using a tape measure and circular saw. Install the first board inside the first frame. Place the card on the joist and nail it in place to the existing armor with 2-inch nails.

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