Folding Shower Door Screen

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4 Panel Folding Shower Door

Folding shower door – A folding shower screen is a type of cabinet. That is mounted around a bathtub or shower area as an agent that contains water from a shower head within a restricted area. Used as an alternative to shower curtains or doors, the folding shower door screen is often a less expensive option that takes up relatively little space. So, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. Displays of this type are often pulled into a pocket mounted on the wall, or even into the wall. Allowing the bathroom to appear more open and airy.

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There are a variety of different configurations for a folding shower door screen. One of the more popular is accordion design. With this configuration, the pads are constructed of either glass or other material that is water resistant. When not in use, the body of the screen is pulled into the wall. Or in a pocket or compartment attached to the bathroom wall.

Another common design for the folding shower door screen includes several larger panels that also pull a pocket when not in use. One of the advantages of these larger panels is that the entry to the pocket is often provided with rubber lining that works just like a nail. As the doors are pulled into the pocket, edges help remove any prolonged water drops. Which again makes it easier to keep the doors clean? And also free of mildew or hard water stains that are usually found with more traditional shower curtains and doors.

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