Floor Door Stoppers Holder

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Wooden Door Stoppers

Slowly go to the story driven under the door of a stool and a home-made wooden spoon. The industry now produces a wide range of stops, to understand that sometimes it is not easy. Among the large number of accessories used to work for the door system is the special account door opening limiter. They are also called door stoppers.

In fact, the door stoppers are a kind of small accessories. Doors are divided into the entrance and the interior, the weight and dimensions of the paintings can be very different, respectively, and stay at the door with the help of different. The floor door stoppers element of the structure (as the name suggests) is installed on the floor near the door. Such a door can either hold the door in locked position or check the degree of flap opening.

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In addition, the floor door stoppers holder can be stationary or mobile. The fixed stop contains a magnetic stop for doors, as well as a conventional stop. The magnetic limiter is easy to install. The principle of its work is this. A small plate of metal is screwed on the lower edge of the tablecloth and the magnetic clip is placed on the floor at the site which becomes maximum for flapping of the blade.

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