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Epoxy Bathroom Floor Theme

Do you know the epoxy bathroom floor ? They are perfect, among other things, to renew the floor of your home without getting into expensive works and that is why they are being used more and more by architects and designers. That is, they are used to give a renewed air but without the hassle of removing the existing pavement , without raising dust and with a cost far below other options.

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Changing the pavement is, in general, one of those changes that make us think twice before starting a reform. With epoxy resins everything is so simple that without thinking much you will have the change you want in a fast and simple way. We give you the keys to this versatile material . The epoxy bathroom floor is a self-leveling floor consisting of a thermosetting polymer that hardens when mixed with a catalyst agent.

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Epoxy bathroom floor is a material with a lot of durability, waterproof and resistant to abrasion among some of its outstanding features. It is simple to apply and clean finish. In addition, it provides a smooth  and continuous finish and its thickness is very small, so it does not provide much weight or thickness if it is placed on existing pavement.


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