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Asian Table Shower

The Asian table shower is offered in many Asian spas and is a simple way to cleanse the body before a massage. It is similar to and often called a Vichy shower, in which water is splashed on the body before a treatment to clean the skin and open pores. In most cases, all clothing must be removed before entering the bathroom, which may have one or several flat tables. After thoroughly bathing, you will be directed to the shower table and informed if you should sit first face up or face down.

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Depending on the chosen treatment, buckets of hot, cold or hot water are poured over your body several times during your treatment. You can find this treatment especially in Korean, Thai and Japanese spas. But this type of Asian table shower is also offered in some western and European spas.

The Asian shower of the vector is often used with Japanese spa treatments such as Akasuri (salt wash) and the Korean spa treatment called the body scrub, in which the masseuse uses thick gloves to rub the dead skin. Asian table shower is often associated with massage salons that also offer sex; therefore, be prudent and contact the spa directly to inquire about the details of their services. Some spas offer disposable underwear for those clients who are not comfortable with total nudity.

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