Elegance Square Door Knobs

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Brass Square Door Knobs

The square door knobs are the decorative clasp of a door. Classic, minimalist, straight lines, sinuous … Renew them and take them to your doorstep! The combination of two finishes, one matte in the central part and the ends in a glossy finish, makes this handle a unique piece, as its glass doors are unique. This handle is decorative both in contemporary doors, which will give a plus of elegance, as in classic-style decorations.

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The uniqueness of this square door knobs lies, above all, in its handmade design of organic and sinuous shapes. It will give a special touch to any door. It stands out for its discreet and simple design and with a vintage nuance, since it recalls the typical knobs of our grandparents’ country houses. And is that this handle, or his great grandmother, has accompanied different generations of doors, both in more current decorations and traditional character or country houses.

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And why not? Although the square door knobs golden finish is traditionally associated with classic designs and ostentation, in a current decoration and, as here, dominated by white, it gives a very personal nuance. It is an old brass design in gloss finish that integrates a lock in its plate, being a practical as well as decorative option.

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