Effectiveness Of Self Inflating Air Mattress

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Black Self Inflating Air Mattress

From the 90’s, self-adjusting air beds are used that automatically change the pressure periodically, or inflate and deflate several air chambers alternately. The intention of these periodic changes is to reduce the problems with deceits ulcers. Although the effectiveness of this type of self inflating air mattress is still being investigated, nothing more effective has been found except the constant change of patient’s position.

The camping air mattress is also available. Mattresses similar to inflatable ones were used for swimming pools or the sea. But the most practical ones are filled with foam, which in itself offers a little support or cushioning, but when the air valve is opened it allows the entry of this so theself inflating air mattress practically inflates itself. It is very useful for campers who carry their equipment because unlike normal inflatable mattresses do not need a pump to be inflated.

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The term self inflating air mattress is also used to refer to certain inflatable toys for the pool or the beach. They usually have an airbag as a pillow and several tubes with air throughout the mattress. In Spain they are also known as mats or floats. In addition there are some forms of armchairs and even sofas, although in those cases they already have little mattress. They are not practical as beds since the material with which it is manufactured is not so resistant and the entire surface is plastic.

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