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Black And White Sliding Room Dividers

Sliding room dividers are gaining popularity and are widely used in interior design in recent years. This fact has an easy explanation since the sliding doors are an elegant design solution and the perfect room divider inside. When they are closed, you have privacy in the individual areas and when they open, the barriers between them disappear and you have a smooth transition from one residential area to another.

Based on the assembly of sliding room dividers one can distinguish two types: sliding along the wall or incorporated. The first type is characterized by a mechanism that is mounted on the wall above the opening, while the second type is based on a mechanism fixed to an existing wall. The separators of the sliding rooms can have one or more wings.

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Sliding room dividers that serve as a space separator can be manufactured with a variety of materials: chipboard, HDF, MDF, natural wood and wooden doors can be seen in a plethora of coatings and finishes. The combinations of wood and glass are also very popular as the glass provides additional light and the room seems more spacious and airy. Of course, there are many sliding glass doors with contemporary design and spectacular aesthetics.

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