DIY Wall Mounted Entertainment Center Design

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Amazing Wall Mounted Entertainment Center

Installing your wall mounted entertainment center, you can save yourself the cost of purchasing an expensive entertainment center and you can also save the use of space in your home. If you choose to renounce entertainment center, however, you are left with the problem of finding space for all your media equipment. Building wall mounted recessed TV shelves is an effective solution. Cushioned shelves not only give you a place to mount your TV, but also give you extra storage space for audiovisual equipment and DVDs.

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DIY wall mounted entertainment center design. Measure room where you will install your wall-mounted recessed shelves using a tape measure. You may want to measure the width and height of your TV as well as to ensure that you build the shelves large enough. You can choose to build a single shelf for your TV or build to the height of the wall to include additional shelves. Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall where you plan to install your shelves. Mark the placement of the buds on the wall in pencil.

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Then for DIY wall mounted entertainment center. Draw a template of your recessed bookcase on the wall in pencil. Use a meter stick and a level to keep your lines straight. If possible, place your rack between two adjacent shelves. If your bookcase is too wide for this, you may need to remove wall spikes to accommodate it.

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