DIY Pipe Bookshelf Design

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Elegant DIY Pipe Bookshelf

DIY pipe bookshelf – The PVC shelves are strong and light, which makes it easy to move them when remodeling a room. The number of shelves is optional and you can paint them or add stickers if you wish. Paint the PVC pipes with marbled spray lacquer to make beautiful shelves!  Ask at the hardware store to cut the correct lengths of the PVC pipes. That way you will not have to do it yourself.

Make DIY pipe bookshelf, fit the tubes without glue to make sure the parts fit properly. Place two pieces of 26 inches (90 cm) on the floor or floor side by side. Connect the three-way connectors to each end. These should have two extra holes, one pointing upwards and the other sideways. Join the 12-inch tubes to each end, connecting the side holes of the triple connectors. You will have completed a rectangle with the tubes and there should be a free hole in the top of the corners. This will be the first shelf.

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DIY pipe bookshelf, adhere a 24-inch tube to the top holes of the triple connectors. These will be the “legs” of the next shelf. Attach a four-way connector to the end of each 24-inch tube. There should be four free holes, one up, for the next leg and one on each side. Attach a 36-inch tube to the front side holes of each quad connector and a 12-inch tube to the side holes of the connector. This will be the second shelf.

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