DIY Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

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Big Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen cabinet hinges – Install hinges on a door and hang it is something of an art, even among carpenters. Doors can be foul, hinges can tie, and all kinds of small things can cause big problems. If you install new hinges on an existing door or specially install a new one, the first rule is to carefully check the door opening fit in the opening before sinking the last screws in the hinges so that you will not notice at the end as it will not be close.

The kitchen cabinet hinges are attached to the door with hinge screws. Drill holes for them by tapping your hinges into areas you cut and mark the screw holes in the plates. When drilling the pilot hole, use a screwdriver bit to secure the bracket to the edge of the door. Make sure the hinged casing is over the edge of the door which will face in the direction that the door will turn. Repeat the process for each of the other hinges.

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Applying the door to the door frame (the flat wood span on the side) must be done carefully to make sure it is in the correct position. Put the door completely in the opening to make sure it fits properly, and then open it to about 45 degrees to get the hinges hanging on the rear edge of the door. Open loose tabs of hinge plates, place them against the door frame, mark them with your pen, and then chop them out as before. Drill your pilot holes and install the kitchen cabinet hinges with hinged screws.

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