Diy End Table Decorative Furniture

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Easy Diy End Table

Diy End Table – A versatile corner table can be the solution to bring style and beauty to that impersonal corner where nothing seems to fit. In this simple guide, I will tell you how to build a small and fun table of vibrant and modern colors. Its uses range from a modern planter to an umbrella holder and of course to a youthful table. On many occasions, there is talk about the lack of space that exists in our homes and about the importance of having practical and versatile furniture.

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Well, something that will solve this problem is a diy end table, since they add an extra support space to store things. Buy a wooden board, 4 wheels, and screws. Get the wood that you like the most: it can be a solid square or a square of a melanin plating of any color. On the wrong side of the table, place a wheel at each end, ensuring that they are well matched.

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Today you can get very nice and modern wheels, or even with children’s designs. If you use opening-tip screws (those with a very sharp tip) you will not need to drill holes in the wood before placing the screw. Once the wheels are placed, place it in a suitable place. This diy end table is almost flush with the floor, so it is very interesting as a complement to a coffee table.

Diy coffee and end tables,

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