DIY Display Case Decoration

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Beautiful DIY Display Case

DIY display case – It is common to have furniture to store things in the house. Many times old and inherited, other modern, design stores. Its use is very varied and the styles even more, which allows to consider the use of showcases in the decoration of the home. Take advantage of a corner of your living room or dining room to decorate with a showcase, which, in addition to enhancing the space, will allow you to show off your delicate glassware or crockery.

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The common material in all the DIY display case that faithfully reflects their style and time of appearance is wood. You can usually find them of the most varied types of wood for natural aspects or painted with pickled styles to simulate antiquity. These for me are beautiful and perfect to decorate any home.

There are two doors, one, with transparent doors or completely made of wood but what look more like DIY display case are the details. This style of design is not minimalist. The showcases are that, the detail. Then the variety increases from the handles of the doors, the moldings, the design of the crystals, the stained glass windows that some possess, etc. Some have even areas for writing and sometimes function as an office.

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